Plants, plants, plants ðŸŒ¿

Plants are my kryptonite. I can never leave empty handed from a garden centre. So, I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you, how I manage to keep them all alive and some of the plants on my wish list.

I’ve counted and turns out I have 39 plants! Don’t worry, I’m not going to share them all. I’m going to try and justify this by saying that my mum is a florest and normally picks up the dying and reduced plants for me.

1. Cheese Plant | Monstera Deliciosa

I cannot tell you how long it took me to get my hands on one of these! I searched and searched, there were multiple Ikea trips but I always missed out. Finally, at a well timed bathroom stop at a garden centre on the way to Gatwick I found one. It was the perfect size and a good price but the only issue was I was going on holiday. However, my grandad stepped up and took the plant back to mine, leaving it in the bath for the week with some water.

Much like buses, I then found another one in Homebase a couple of months later. It was only £15 so naturally I had to take it home with me. What else was I going to do?

I’ve struggled a bit with caring for my Monstera’s. They’re much larger than the house plants I’m used to caring for and I’m still trying to get my head around watering them the right amount. I spent so long looking for them so, naturally, I’m very worried about killing them!

2. Peace Lily | Spathiphyllum

This is Lola the Lily and she was my very first plant; my mum got it for me to take to uni and add some green to my dorm.

She’s done bloody well to still be alive because I’ve neglected her quite a lot. I can’t remember the last time she flowered but at least now she’s kicking out a decent amount of new growth.

3. Gold Dust | Codiaeum Variegatum

I’m a big fan of veriagated and unusual looking plants so this is right up my street. However I am struggling a bit with watering this one; leaves keep falling off but I think that might be normal.

4. Spotted Begonia | Begonia Maculata

This was my most recent splurge. I paid more for this one than I would normally even consider for a plant of this size – £20! But I fell in love with the spots and I’ve had my eye on this one for some time.

She wasn’t in the best condition when I got her but with some TLC I’m hoping she’ll pull through and come out the otherside.

5.  Calathea Triostar | Marantaceae 

I mean it’s verigated and pink, do I really need to explain?! I think Calathea’s are fast becoming my favourite plant becuase the leaves are so unique on them all.

6. Chinese Money Planet | Pilea Peperomioides

Last but not least, the Chinese Money Plant also known as a Pilea. I’ve found the Pilea quite easy to take care off; I just give him water and plenty of light and it shoots out new leaves no problem. However, I did find that this plant suffered during winter, due to not getting enough natural light.  I invested in a UV light, nothing fancy or expensive, and I found that that really helped with the Pilea. It is also on my to-do list to repot my Pilea and hopefully get him a bit bigger so watch this space!    

🌿 Wish List Plants ðŸŒ¿

While I don’t plan on buying any for plants for some time, I still have a wish list of plants I’d like in my personal Eden Project one day. . .  

Pinstripe Calathea | Calathea Ornata


Wandering Jew | Tradescantia Zebrina

Credit: Hirt’s Gardens

False Shamrock | Oxalis Traingularis

Credit: @stayathomeplantmom, Instagram

String of Pearls | Curio Rowleyanus

Credit: Waitrose Garden

Fascinator Tricolour | Maranta Leuconeura Fascinator

Credit: Hortology

Veriagated Cheese Plant | Monstera Deliciosa Variegata

Credit: Buckle:Street

Thanks for reading. Please let me know any plant tips you have and I’d also love to hear about your plant collections!


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